Acts 20:35 :- In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"

Retirement & Assisted Living facilities

A. Jayasinghe Retirement Home -in Hendala, Wattala , Srilanka

The Jayasinghe Retirement Home was founded in the Year 1993 as a Service Project of the Hendala Baptist Church, Wattala, Sri Lanka.

This project was undertaken in order to address the rapid growth of the aged population due to the various socio- economic changes taking place in society at the time and which would be a prime need in the future.

The objective of this project was to provide a home away from home to Christian ladies over 60 years of age where they could spend the evening of their lives in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

The Administration of the Home is the responsibility of a Board of Management elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Nutritious meals are provided and general medical needs are looked into. Various programmes such as Craft workshops, Elders Day Programmes, Christmas activities are held regularly.

The Home which was built in three stages with the help of many well-wishes have the following rooms for occupation.

1. Small Single rooms with shared washrooms .

2. Single rooms with attached washrooms .

3. Two large Single rooms with attached washrooms.

We welcome any Donations by way of providing a meal or equipment needed towards the smooth running of the Home.

For further details please contact:- The Pastor, Tel no: +9411 2932643

B. Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte , Sri Lanka

Senior Citizens Residency is a Retirement & Assisted Living Facility situvated at Kotikawatta. It is a service project of Kotikawatta Baptist Church.

Its a Home away from Home, for Christians above 55 years, who desire a quiet comfortable place to spend the evening of their lives in a Christian atmosphere. Single rooms and a limited number of double rooms with attached bath/toilet, all meals, and cleaning facilities at an affordable cost.

The Residennt matron is a qualified/experienced nurse who will also provide limited nursing care. She will be assisted by other caring staff.

Facilities are available for Leisure time activities to keep you fit in body and mind.

Come ! , feel at home ! : experience the Christian care, the love, and friendship.

For further details please contact :- The Pastor, Tel no:+94 011 2568044

Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte Church 1

Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte Church

Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte Church

Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte Church

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Retirement Home - Hendala Church

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Excebition - Retirement Home Hendala

Senior Citizens Residency - Kotikawatte Church 2

Retirement Home - Hendala Church

Elders Day Programme

Elders Day Programme - Gonawala Church